Payment by Credit Card

Gulf Circle Tours LLC. and Al Turath Events LLC. accept major credit cards. When you click the “Pay Now” button, your credit card will be debited. We reserve the right to assume that you are the owner/authorized person to use the credit card to make the payment. The credit card must have the name of the authorized person to pay and/or the company name that is making the payment.

By Making the payment, it is understood that you have agreed to the booking terms and conditions as sent to you and has been agreed upon by yourself and our booking/sales/accounting agents.

Credit Cards Accepted



All measures will be taken to insure the details and information you submit on our website will remain confidential.

Payment Rules & Regulations

• Credit card payment will made via our payment gateway provided by NETWORK International
• Payments by credit cards will be passed on the agreed upon price/quotation given by Gulf Circle Tours LLC. and/or Al Turath Events LLC.
• Any dispute or discrepancy in the price/payment made will be reviewed and resolved amicably.
• All disputes and regulations will follow the laws of the United Arab Emirates.
• All International & Local credit card fees are to be borne by the Credit card owner. Gulf Circle Tours LLC. and/or Al Turath Events LLC will be charged by the payment gateway providers.
• Payment will be charged using the agreed upon currency as per the quotation/invoice raised by Gulf Circle Tours LLC. and/or Al Turath Events LLC.
• Currency Exchange rates will be borne by the credit card owner.
• Extra security steps might be requested when paying using VISA credit cards.
• In the case of Refunds, those will be procced within 3-6 Weeks pending agreed upon settlement agreements.

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